SAC is made up of four friends from childhood. We have been part of the NFT space for a while now and all came together to bring you a new a premium collection; the SpaceApeCrew.

the one3 SACBW.png


I am the digital artist behind the SAC. I have been doing graphics since the age of 12, making free YouTube art for emerging creators. Growing up, my family was strongly involved in the art scene, with my mum being a painter and dad being a collector. Since then, I have loved creating and publishing artworks and designs for businesses and other clients. I have created logos for a handful of upcoming bands that are still in use. I am now here doing what I love the most, creating, and perfecting artwork at the forefront of arts evolution; and you’re all invited to join me.


I have always had a keen interest in emerging businesses and a passion for art. I am therefore collaborating with Sewe to market and oversee the launch of the SAC NFT collections. Working specifically on building our own unique community as well as the roadmap of our Space Ape Crew collection to make sure it is like no other.


I'm just here for the ride really... oh and to moderate discord.